Mojo Homestead is a farm healing the soil, improving the life of livestock and encouraging an extremely diverse environment that produces everything that can be produced within the climate nature has given us.
We don't just want to hold the knowledge we want to teach others also.


Welcome to Mojo Homestead

Hello, I'm Ceejay and I love living sustainably.

I used to worry about food security and wonder how to feed my family. Then the $10 lettuce hit the news - insane.

I love knowing that I can care for my family without having to rely on others. Don't get me wrong being part of a community is great, but I want to be part of a community of people who can care for themselves and their families. I also want to teach my kids to be those kind of adults, resilient and self-sufficient.

I've been blessed that I have had the opportunity to live in rural settings, meaning I have learnt a lot of things that other haven't.

I want to teach others how to grow food for their families, regardless if you are on land or all you have is a balcony. Where there is a will there is a way. Let me help you find your way.

I think these skills should be taught at school, but they aren't. We used to learn these from our grandparents and older family members - from our community.  Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen anymore. 

So I want to invite you to join our community and learn to grow your own food supplies. 

Here at Mojo Homestead you can learn just a little or the whole lot, the choice is up to you.


 “Without farmers we'd all be hungry, naked and sober."

Ideas for Sustainable Living

Can't wait to jump on board? Try one of these easy-to-follow tips for sustainable living below.


My Self-Sufficiency Why

Why was self-sufficiency so important to me? Food security and saving money for starters but it's more than that. 

Why is it important for you?

Moving to the Country

And if you didn't just sing "goin' eat me a lot of peaches" I'm not sure we can be friends. 

If you are thinking about moving to the country then read this first. Seriously...

10 Food Security Tips

Are you concerned about food security? Wondering how you can ensure you always have enough for your family?

Here are my 10 simple tips for increasing your food security.



Learn how to care for livestock and grow your own food all from the comfort of your own home.

Our courses are being designed for you to follow at your own pace and in your own home. This means everyone from shift workers to stay-at-home mums can learn without leaving their homes. 


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