Episode 46 - Animal Care and Maintenance

Podcast Episode Summary: Animal Care and Maintenance

In this episode, we dive into the essential aspects of Animal Care and Maintenance for a thriving homestead. Here's a sneak peek into the key topics covered:

Upcoming Events and Resources
- A noteworthy course is on the horizon, scheduled for February, covering vital aspects of animal care.
- A webinar is also in the pipeline, exploring either chicken breeds or innovative coop designs.
- Discover valuable insights at the "Not the Farmer's Wife Store."
- Don't forget to share your experiences and insights – a review request awaits your feedback.

Shearing and Grooming:
- Learn about the optimal timing for shearing, with key sessions in March and September.
- Explore species-specific shearing guides for diverse animals, emphasizing nuances for different wool types.
- Discover opportunities to sell small batches, or consider the value of washing and selling raw or spun wool.
- Dive into the importance of using the right tools for shearing to ensure both animal comfort and safety.
- Gain recommendations for maintaining and sharpening shearing equipment, including insights on hand shearing versus hiring professionals.

Grooming for Health:
- Uncover the role of grooming in early health issue detection, from parasites to skin conditions and lameness.
- Explore grooming practices for various animals, including horse clipping, cow lice treatment, Maremma brushing, and chicken delousing.
- Understand the importance of thorough inspections during grooming sessions.
- Delve into beekeeping practices with hive beetle and varroa mite checks.

Veterinary Care and Preventative Measures:
- Explore routine health checks, understanding the checklist for comprehensive health assessments.
- Discuss the holistic approach to veterinary care, considering both physical and mental well-being.
- Learn about record-keeping and the use of technology for efficient health record management.

Preventative Measures:
- Delve into vaccination schedules for various livestock, emphasizing core and optional vaccines.
- Understand the importance of vaccinations in preventing common diseases on the homestead, with a vital focus on biosecurity.
- Learn about deworming schedules, natural alternatives, and the significance of worming around kidding.

Sustainable Practices:
- Highlight the importance of sustainable veterinary practices, incorporating natural remedies and preventative measures aligned with ecological principles.
- Encourage a holistic approach to animal health that minimizes environmental impact.

Join us in this insightful episode as we unravel the intricacies of caring for your homestead animals, promoting their well-being and the sustainability of your agricultural practices.