Episode 56 - Goat Keeping 101 - Part 2


Goat Keeping 101 Part 2

Choosing the Right Breed for Your Homestead

- Factors to Consider We'll delve into factors like space, climate, and your personal preferences to help you select the perfect breed for your homestead.

- Tailoring to Your Homestead Whether you're starting small or aiming for a larger operation, we'll discuss how different breeds fit into various homesteading scenarios.

Basic Goat Care

- Understanding Goat Behavior Learn to interpret your goat's behaviours and needs, from vocalizations to body language.

Bucks and does


Herd behaviour

Strength in numbers




Faking fitness


- Creating a Comfortable Environment Discover the importance of shelter and secure fencing in providing a safe and happy home for your goats.

- Daily Care Routines Establish a routine for feeding, watering, and grooming your goats to ensure their health and well-being.





Housing and Fencing

- Meeting Housing Requirements Explore the basic needs of goat housing, from shelter to space, and learn about different shelter options.


- Fencing for Goats Do You Really Need Fort Knox? We'll debunk myths about goat-proof fencing and provide tips for selecting and installing effective fencing.


Soft v hard




- Implementing Pasture Rotation Understand the importance of pasture management and rotational grazing to keep your goats healthy and your pastures thriving. 


Ideally 6 weeks between coming back to that pasture. 4 rotations of 2 weeks each. Dependent on your areas stocking rates. 

Understanding Goat Nutrition

   - Learning about the nutritional requirements of milking goats for optimal milk production and overall health. Goats are browsers not grazers, and will test food before eating it.

They will sometimes eat things they shouldn’t and definitely have preferences. 

Too much grain is not a good thing as they are ruminants. They will rest during the day and chew their cuds, regurgitating the food and breaking it down for digestion. 


   - Discussing the importance of providing a balanced diet that includes fresh forage, grains, and mineral supplements.

Bi carb and mineral blocks should always be available for them. 


Stay tuned for our next instalment, where we'll delve deeper into goat care and health! Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just starting out, our series aims to empower you on your goat-keeping journey.