Episode 68 - Winter Gardens

Winter Garden Care for Gardeners

Take a Well-Deserved Break! Winter is a natural pause in the gardening calendar, and it's the perfect time for a holiday. After all, many plants can't grow during this season. As I've gotten older, I've come to embrace a more holistic view of life. I genuinely believe that nature gives us winter as a time to slow down, regenerate, and relax. It's wise to take advantage of this period to recuperate and restore your energy before diving back into the busy spring months. Enjoy this downtime, and let it rejuvenate your spirit.

Winter Garden Planning, Record Keeping and Utilizing Winter Downtime Productively

- Reflecting on the Season: Evaluating what worked and what didn’t. - Garden Journals: Keeping a garden journal to track progress and plan for next season.

- Planning for Spring: Preparing seed orders and starting seedlings indoors.

- Setting Goals: Setting realistic goals for the next gardening season.

- Education and Learning: Reading gardening books and attending webinars.

Preparing the Garden for the next growing season

- Clearing and Cleaning: Remove dead plants and debris to prevent pests and diseases.

- Soil Preparation: Adding compost and mulch to enrich and protect the soil.

- Tool Maintenance: Cleaning, sharpening, and storing garden tools properly.

- Protecting Perennials: Mulch and cover perennials to safeguard them from frost.

- Cold-Hardy Vegetables: Best vegetables to plant for winter kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts.

- Cover Crops: Benefits of planting cover crops like clover and rye to improve soil health.

Cold Weather Protections and Greenhouse/ Cold Frame Gardening

- Building a Cold Frame: Simple DIY cold frame designs and uses.

- Greenhouse Basics: Tips for setting up and maintaining a greenhouse.

- Row Covers and Cloches: Using row covers, cloches, and other protective gear.

- Mulching Techniques: How to use mulch effectively to insulate plants.

- Windbreaks and Barriers: Creating windbreaks to protect plants from harsh winds.

- DIY Plant Covers: Making affordable plant covers from household items.

Watering Strategies in Winter

- Frozen pipes and hoses

- Irrigation Systems: Setting up drip irrigation or soaker hoses to minimize water waste.

- Watering Frequency: Adjusting watering schedules for winter conditions.

- Preventing Overwatering: Recognizing signs of overwatering and root rot.

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