Episode 70 - 90-Day Homestead Planning

90-day planning for July - Aug - Sept

The link I mentioned is for Seedtime, the below link is an affiliate link (I'll get free seeds)


July Garden Preparation:

- Soil Testing: Test soil pH and nutrients, adding lime or compost as needed.

- Seedlings: Start cool-season crops like garlic, onions, leeks, and broccoli indoors.

- Pruning: Prune dormant fruit trees and berry bushes.

Livestock Care:

- Shelter Maintenance: Ensure animal shelters are weatherproof and warm.

- Health Checks: Monitor livestock, particularly pregnant ones, for signs of illness and provide adequate nutrition.

- Day Old Chickens: Get them ordered and the brooder ready.

General Homesteading:

- Tool Maintenance: Sharpen and repair tools for the upcoming planting season.

- Workshops: Attend or host workshops on sustainable homesteading practices.

August Garden Activities:

- Cold Frame Construction: Build or repair cold frames for early spring planting.

- Direct Sowing: Plant hardy greens like spinach and lettuce under protection.

- Check Seeds: And decide what you need to buy to cover your planting


- Compost Turnover: Turn compost piles regularly to maintain decomposition.

Livestock Management:

- Breeding Planning: Schedule breeding for spring births.

- Chicks: Should be in the brooder house and growing up a storm

- Pasture Rotation: Rotate grazing areas to prevent soil degradation.

- Shearing: For animals that need shearing, the end of August or early September

September Garden Planting:

- Transplant Seedlings: Move hardy seedlings outdoors when temperatures rise.

- Weeding and Mulching: Keep garden beds weed-free and apply mulch to retain moisture.

Livestock Care:

- Spring Preparations: Prepare birthing areas for livestock.

- Chicks: Should be spending some time outside as the weather warms.

- Water Systems: Ensure water sources are clean and functional.

Milking Barn

- Prep for Milking: Make sure the milking stand doesn’t need repairs

- Bottles and Pail: I like to clean everything in preparation for milking

- Food: Ensure you have the correct food for milking goats.